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Chef's Special Dishes

Makni   £10.95 
A buttery dish, mild flavour cooked with coconut, ground almond and cream 
Chicken Marango   £10.95 
Chicken pieces cooked in a medium bluna sauce, flavoured with a hint of sweet mango 
Chicken Silsila   £10.95 
Chicken tikka cooked with fresh garlic, herbs and oriental spices (breast of chicken) 
King Prawn Silsila   £13.95 
King Prawn cooked with fresh garlic, herbs and oriental spices 
Pallak Chicken   £10.95 
A medium hot dish cooked with small pieces of chicken tikka with spinarch and garlic 
Badami Kurma   £10.95 
Chicken Cooked with breast of chicken tikka in yoghurt sauce and garnished with green pepper and fried onion
Hydrabady Chicken Mossala   £10.95 
Breast of marinated chicken and sauce made with mango and yoghurt - very mild dish
Rai Chicken   £10.95 
Tender breast of chicken cooked with coriander, garlic and yoghurt sauce, garnished with fresh ginger
Murgh Khurchan  £10.95 
Breast of chicken cooked with garlic, pickle and dried red chillies - slightly hotter than madras 
Spicy Goan Chicken   £10.95 
Slices of chicken in a slight spicy coconut sauce tampered with curry leaves and mustard seeds 
Chicken Nawabi   £10.95 
Boneless spring grilled chicken cooked with ground nuts, mild spices and fresh cream
Archari Lamb or Chicken   £10.95 
A South Indian dish cooked with tamarind sauce, slices of garlic, sweet, hot and sour taste
Jinga Malay   £14.95 
Plum fresh water king prawns prepared with ginger, green chillies in a rich coconut sauce